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  • Photo du rédacteurMartin Fanger

Third at the Frenchcup in Jeumont

In an excellent and hectic race I secured a third place on the podium in Jeumont in the French race series.

The race didn't start so hectic at first. I started in the first row, came third in the first corner and finished the starting loop in good position.

The circuit led around a lake and most of the track was in a forest where there were many hard and short climbs. The descents had everything to offer, some were steep or rather flowing with wall curves and small jumps.

Exactly in this forest there were position fights in every round and everybody tried to be there.

In the race I stayed in the top group. Until a rider in front of me broke a hole. And I, with a few other riders, became the persecutor. With an attack I came back to the leading group. But after this attack I struggled with bad legs and unfortunately had to let the first three go. In the last two laps, I really gritted my teeth again and was able to secure third place. With joy I crossed the finish line and was very satisfied with my first podium position in my first French Cup race. 

Next weekend it will start with the World Cup in Albstadt and afterwards in Nove Mesto na Morave. I am looking forward to racing with my team KTM Bike Vision and I will find out what results my form will bring me.

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