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  • Photo du rédacteurMartin Fanger

Last mission at the Roc d'azur for this Season

At the Roc d'Azur I reached the places where I currently belong; at the marathon I finished 16th and at the Roc d'Azur 7th.

At the marathon I went into the race with the goal to give all when I am at the front, but not to use all my punch to have good legs on Sunday.

Due to several manoeuvres I was suddenly no longer in the leading group and continued my race under the limit.

So I was even more satisfied when I caught up with some riders towards the end and finished 16th.

On Sunday I was looking forward to my last race of the season. It was great to start in the first row and I also made it to the first ascent in the leading group. There was a very big group. I didn't have the legs to be in the front before the descents. Due to this effect some riders could sneak away in front.

However, I managed to share my power well and on the last 10 kilometres I overtook two more riders.

I was relieved and satisfied about my 7th place.

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