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  • Photo du rédacteurMartin Fanger

1st place at the second race of the HSBC UK National Series in England

On the Olympic track of London 2012 I got away in the last section and won the race ahead of the British champion Grant Ferguson.

The weekend started rather badly. On Saturday there was a strong wind and suddenly there was a lot of hail. Fortunately the weather changed an hour later. It was still cold, but suddenly the sun was shining again.

The Olympic course of London 2012 was quite technical. It was a challenge to get it under control in a training session. Above all a stone field passage with a slalom had it in itself.

With my KTM Scarp Sonic I found a good setup and so I was ready for the race on Sunday.

On race day all riders of the KTM Bike Vision Team warmed up on the roll in the team stand. Well warmed up I went to the start. There was a cold wind blowing again. I didn't miss the start and was the first to take the first corner.

Soon a group of five athletes developed. The Belgian Kevin Pannhuyzen increased the pace with me and we were able to lose Joshua Dubau and Frazer Clachety.

Three of us then went into the last 4 laps of 7. Disappointingly the chain of Kevin broke and had to repair it.

In the group of two we did the last two laps and in the last section I set off in front of Grant Ferguson with a speed increase. With joy I crossed the finish line.

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